Scout Trip to Hunt Butterflies!

We jButterflyust did the insect study merit badge at scouts last night and I must say I had a lot of fun doing it!  We did more than just learn about them we got to capture some to learn even more about them. Being hands on made it even more enjoyable.  Specifically, we helped rescue a dozen different butterflies that had escaped Botanica’s Butterfly House after the roof was blown off by a freak storm.  We had to help rescue them as they were injured and some even endangered.  You can see in the picture above one of the butterflies we had to rescue out of a cave.  They were spread out over a very large area and it was no easy task.  We did get a very helpful hint about where the next one would be hidden after finding each one though and this made it not nearly as difficult as it could have been.  Also, when you found one you got a link to a web site to give you more information about the next butterfly and a prize.  In the end a lot of us scouts did manage to rescue all of them and we were even rewarded for our efforts with a “Monarch Butterfly Steed”.  To the leftKezz and Kody you can see Kody and me collecting our reward after rescuing all the butterflies!  It ended up being a very fun day and it also let me explore an area of Second Life I might otherwise not have seen.

-Kezz Rexen